7 Reasons Why travelling Will Never Stop Even During the Covid-19 Pandemic




Author : Mrs Shruti Shah 

Even though the unprecedented pandemic changed the frame and foundation of the tourism industry and compulsory suspension of traveling led the whole hospitality community into dismay. The travel aficionados made sure that the world is a happy place by coming up with content, ideas, and innovating zillion ways to travel safely! 

For other times Wanderlooms is always there to get travel-infused apparel to satiate your travel-hunger-pang!

For the less frequent travelers or the people who aspire to be travelers we'd say - "Once you get the taste of it, there's no turning back!" 

There will be a sea change in the manner that we can travel in this new normal, but Covid or no Covid traveling will never stop, will you? 

Yes, we know all you wayfarer souls are already ready with itineraries, locations, tickets for your next travel plan.

Here are few contemporary innovative traveling self-experimented changes tested by the top travelers and travel influencers! 

Check them out and drop your anxiety. Got your vaccines already?


Dreaming of owning a property in a picturesque location in the mountains, sipping your coffee, and breath in fresh air without a mask?

Why spend a fortune when you can rent (Super nominal prices!) vacation homes, private villas, farmhouses that are gaining preferences over hotels. These private properties operate with bare minimum staff and occupants, making it the safest stay option for vacationing in the current scenario. The property owners rent out their homes, manage them, serve farm-fresh DIY food menus and offer single-family booking options. Believe us, they are the best people to help you with the must-do list for any place! Living in an off-beat cottage will seem like a scene out of a movie! Try karke dekho!

Domestic travel

So what if international borders are closed? Travel Domestic as it's time to spam Instagram with escapades full of natural locations and scenes, whose recognition was long due. Here's your chance to explore Incredible India!

The hodophiles crave the thrill of traveling. The destination is only secondary. Pick on uninhabited and remote locations of our country, enjoy and relax without panicking about social distancing. 

The Art of Packing

Did you ever see some people's luggage and thought they definitely need to learn luggage handling that is more convenient focused? Now is the chance, or indirect mandate samjho, as traveling will mostly be domestic for now, people will learning to pack only essentials and plan baggage that can be managed without help. (sanitizing issues, you know)! Even the hotels are promoting self-check-in, to reduce contact between staff and guests. Our loved pro-travel community is coming up with some mind-boggling ideas every day on efficient packing. Instagram reels!!! Woot Woot! 

More tick-boxes to check

You are surely going to see some new tick-boxes to choose additional features while booking a stay and transportation. Like Private cabs, sanitization requests, private dining, vaccination certificates, Covid-19 negative reports. 

Never in your wildest dreams did you think that hotels and homestays will offer to choose rooms that haven't been occupied at least 2 or 3 days before new check-in. They are even accepting requests to sanitize under the supervision of the guests. 

"Safe raho, bas travelling rukni nahi chahiye!" 

WFH stays

What would we do without social media? Social media made sure to keep the fire inside you burning and never let you stop thinking about traveling!

Loads of hotels, homestays are offering long-stay packages to the people to use their work-from-home opportunity from a fantabulous location in mountains or beaches or amidst nature. High-speed WIFI setup, home-cooked healthy food, and low rentals (even less than rentals in metro cities, yup you heard that right!). Who thought people will get to choose to work from home that too with a picturesque view! 

So now you can finally stop cribbing about being stuck at home! Pack your bags, and explore a new WFH set-up now!  

PS: You won't find them on normal hotel booking websites! 

Search tags #homestay #workfrommountains #WFM for great results!

Solo and family trips

Solo trips or trips with family over group trips will gain popularity, for now, to avoid risks of Covid-19. Agar darr lag raha hai, and if you really want to break the monotony, travel with your family or friends or go solo to gain the confidence of travelling again. The times are tough but be a conscious traveller and jaa jee le apni Zindagi! Keep up the correct safety measures, let the travel jamboree begin!

This is a perfect opportunity to take a solo trip, trust us, it will be the most liberating experience of your life! 

Thank us later!

Air bubble - Travel corridor

Air bubbles are travel corridors for group travels where all the group members stay in an imaginary bubble, in terms of accommodation, activities, transportation with Covid testing done every few days. This trend is here to stay and will soon become the norm! 

You can stay without masks and social distancing protocols in the bubble! (Sounds unbelievable, right?)

Organizing this is gonna be tough and costlier, but as they say, "The heart wants what it wants"!

"Conscious Travellers" is now a legit word in the travel dictionary!

The thing is, nothing is permanent, and neither the pandemic will be. Remember, when you lose the trail, you don't go back to the base camp. A true adventurer traces a new path to reach Nirvana and finds his solace.

You adapt, implement and follow, for it is too much to give up that feeling of liveliness and rhapsody! 

The whole travel community is busting their travel energy due to lockdown and coming up with innovative and avant-garde ideas about traveling! 

People are already out there to prove traveling can never cease. 

At Meanders India Our Adventure travel wing, the team uses the lockdowns to plan all the itineraries to leave for the next trip as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted! 

Yes, that is the enthusiasm they have and resonate with adventurers comrades.

Here's a shout-out to those quivering traveler hearts.

Keep your backpacks ready, Always!

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