Fastindian The Route T-Shirt
The route on this planet that makes rally pilots feel otherwise. No matter which continent this rally appears in, it makes it's competitors experience a new face of this planet they have never seen before! No wonder they come back...
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Fastindian Stage Start T-Shirt
That feeling before taking the first step into uncharted territory. The journey begins with contemplation and deep breaths. Both the rider and the machine are ready to begin. Yet, taking this moment can’t be missed. This is that moment. INTERNATIONAL...
Rs. 979.00
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Fastindian Motorover T-Shirt
Everything that helps the battle ready voyager conquer the unknown. The constant companion of the rally pilot - the Voyager H450R. It's always ready to tear through any alien terrain under the skillful hands of it's pilot. All the components...
Rs. 849.00
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Fastindian Lift off T-Shirt
That moment when the rally pilot and the shuttle take off into the storm. Supersonic afterburners and rocket fuel aren't enough to take the astronaut into outer space. The grueling training and sheer willpower, are built over time to withstand...
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Fastindian The Guide T-Shirt
The only thing that can take a rally pilot back to civilisation. The most complex piece of machinery that works in tandem with the human brain and helps the rally pilot find their way through the unknown, just like an...
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Fastindian Explore The Unknown T-Shirt
The feeling behind "It felt like i was riding on Mars!" When it comes to the Dakar, the lines between an astronaut and the rally pilot are blurred. The vast secluded stretches of emptiness are something both can relate to!...
Rs. 999.00
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