When years of expertise in the hospitality industry and an unparalleled vision of biking tours and adventure tourism comes together, a phenomenon like Meanders India unfolds. The brainchild of the innate rider Prateek Vats, who is rightfully credited for initiating the First Riding Welfare Society of Central India aptly called, ‘Born to Ride’, Meanders is about foraying beyond the general parlance of adventure. It aims to bolster the bond between ‘Man & Nature’. We strongly believe the Heart of Incredible India is blessed with nature’s bounty. It has the potential of burgeoning into a great location for sprucing up the scene of adventure tourism in India and taking it a notch higher.
Meanders is an adventure touring company based out of Central India. We have a penchant to Ride and Explore hence decided to offer Camping sites, motorcycle rides and road trip through picturesque locations with a focus on our very own state Madhya Pradesh. For details on events and travel packages please like our page, and be ready to be enthralled.
The idea is to set up campsites in lesser explored places and promise an enriching experience with our existing network of expert nature guides, mobile setup material and experienced travelers. Our intention is to let the adrenaline junkies feel both the rusticity of the rural Madhya Pradesh and also the surreal beauty that remains arrested in its tropical deciduous forests. We organize pre-arranged tours and custom packages tailored to suit the taste of our mélange of customers.
Of the 379 tourist attractions that Hindustan Ka Dil offers, we have already covered more than 70, conducted more than 150 rides and provided never-before experience to over 500 zealous tourists. Our penchant for high quality and comfortable services has positioned us as the premier adventure mobile operator not only in Madhya Pradesh but also in the greater Central India area.
We swear by the motto of making the journey as glorifying as the destination.
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