Leisure Travel- A necessity to unwind

Leisure Travel- A necessity to unwind

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Ticking hands of the clock are the epicentre of the world with a frantic, whirlwind hustle-bustle. There are two stances to perceive the scenario of modern-day lives:

Running with a coffee in your hand, cursing the traffic jam, chasing a bus or train, sprinting to make it to a meeting on time, 


in a coexisting world, someone rushing in the kitchen, dressing the kids for school, getting themselves ready for work, and executing other endless tasks of a homemaker.

Building up the future on insatiable aspirations is driving the world at breakneck speed. We sometimes forget to stop and notice minuscule things in and around us that are vital signs of our being, isn't it? The weekends are symbolized as the premeditated window to relieve stress and burden. Or so is our belief. 

Well, many moons ago, when travelling was regarded only as a yearly family endeavour, the times and things in that era were contrast like night and day to the present times. However, now, when the dimensions of travelling are concept-based, it has become the grounds to vent out THE stress, tension incidental to our lifestyles. 

As the experts suggest, travelling for relaxation is a form of naturopathy for bursting the bubble formed around us as a cause of our way of living. When someone vacays for leisure, the goal is not set to the clock. The travellers can enjoy the destination at their own pace and comfort. There is a choice of no strict schedule for site-seeing, no rush to drive that adrenaline, and maybe lazing around in the hotel or just in your room.

There are many positive benefits of leisure travelling on your overall health:

  • Gaining experience and everlasting learning: Traveling brings a sense of ease and peace to mind breaking the monotony in one's life and securing many of the first-hand experiences that can only be gained by moving out. Interaction with the elements of an ecosystem outside our daily gambit has an indelible impression on our inner self. New places, people, monuments, history, language, everything, and every person that we interact with imparts new learning. Every journey is different and lets you start a tab of various life lessons.

  • Creating memories over family bonding: Traveling is a dream break that every member of the family looks forward passionately! While each member is running for their targets in the regular day to day life, travelling comes as an excellent way to bond with your loved ones and create memories to hold on for life. After all, the memories, the fun, clicking pictures, and coming across unknown adventure is what will stay with you forever, not just your bank balance. This is the time, make the most of it! 

  • Connecting with yourself: Traveling for leisure means having no fixed program, and claiming the due respite from this marathoning life. You may partake in some sightseeing or wayfaring, however, the underlying goal is to relax, rejuvenate, and meet the real you who's been lost in the course of routine grind. Meditate or do yoga! It gives you a sense of freedom, liberation, and fascination and a chance to start anew at your work, home front more effectively.

  • Appreciating things and changing perception with an open mind: This is the most exciting cause and effect of leisure travel on a person. It gives you perspective to observe things differently. It opens up the boundaries of inhibitions in a person's mind. You look at things differently, meet people with the discerning thought process, and move closer to reality. These experiences cannot be bought from money, they are earned, earned through these exhilarating and uplifting travel experiences.

  • Motivation: An enlivening experience from travelling, motivates for melioration in the various life fronts like work, society, family, home, friends. The gusto for planning the next travel sets the inspiration to work harder and make time for it. It keeps your soul buzzing with urges to travel, even as a mini-vacation to a nearby place. The driving force of leisure travel compounds and never lets you turn back.

As proclaimed, leisure travelling is not only about expensive boutique stays, gourmet meals, and instagrammable landscapes. It is all about connecting with yourself and family, healing your mind and soul by taking time out from the chaotic routine. 

The penchant for travel is habit-forming. Use this habit wisely, in a way that makes you happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. The beneficial effects of leisure travelling are more than tangible, dominantly focusing on your well being and improved health.


Author: Shruti Shah



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