Positive Impact on E-commerce Post (COVID-19) Lockdown

Positive Impact on E-commerce Post (COVID-19) Lockdown

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Which side of the population group do you belong to - The panicky, the HOPEFULL, or the neutral? Too much negativity and unpleasant news are bad, bad for us, and bad for our health, right? Amidst all the grave information, it is the focus on and hopes for good times that drive the zest for life.

The pandemic Novel Coronavirus or COVID - 19 has driven the whole world into a pause. The COVID - 19 outbreak has left the world in a frenzy, where the normalcy is being redefined.

While everything is at a standstill due to the havoc caused by this deadly pathogen, almost all the countries are under compulsory or self lockdown mode. The industries from all over the world are idea-wrestling and brainstorming to sustain themselves in such trying times. The analysts are predicting a setback deeper than the economic depression faced in the year 2008. Contrary to the fact that the businesses are severely affected, e-commerce giants have reported a 20-30% increase in their business. Well, here are some aspects of e-commerce trends that are changing their course for good in the meantime.

Let us start with the very fundamental question and prime aspect, why E-commerce? Having no vaccine or cure for this virus has left the world with the only few options, such as complete lockdown, social distancing, self-quarantine, or self-isolation. This is where e-commerce and the online industry is playing at the front foot. As the people are advised to stay put and not to leave their homes unless urgent and absolutely unavoidable, the demand for online services and home delivery has since seen a rise.

In the interim, we opine that e-commerce is at the doorstep of a drastic spike and turnaround. It is safely presumed that even after the lockdown situations are over, the buyers will prefer online buying and avoid going to crowded markets, stores, and malls. Until a cure is delivered for this pathogen, buyers will be highly skeptical about going to overexposed places. Studies suggest that the virus can survive on surfaces from a few hours to several days. Consequently, the fear of getting infected within the community shall still persist, compelling the buyers to choose online shopping over physical markets wherever possible.

In the complete lockdown scenario, the online delivery channels are supported by the big players of this industry, as they have the resources and the workforce to follow lockdown protocols and safety measures. However, currently, delivery services are restricted to necessities only. We are looking at a bigger picture that will become reality post lockdown. With the Government's recent declaration on delivery services to be resumed across the country from 20th April 2020, for both essential items, delivery partners, courier agencies have already started taking proactive measures to make sure that customers get safe delivery services. Some of the safety steps adopted by dropshipping companies are:-

  • Following guidelines from WHO and health ministry,
  • Frequent and intensified sanitization of warehouses, workstations, and other probable exposed area,
  • Compulsory use of mask and gloves by all staff,
  • Regular cleaning of vehicles, washing hands for 20 seconds after every few hours, to be done by the delivery staff
  • Accepting only prepaid orders and suspension of the COD/POD option temporarily to avoid contact at the time of delivery.


Considering another luring aspect, almost all fashion brands are offering tempting discounts. Dressing up is acknowledged as an effective way to curb boredom and negativity. Buyers are expected to choose everyday comfort over high-end expensive apparels. Despite the flow favouring spendings on only necessities, all online apparel brands are offering lockdown deals. The discounts are available only on pre-paid orders. This beats the lockdown blues as well as leaves you prepared for leaving the homes after this lockdown is over. It also is prudent to make the most of the discounts and collect your desired apparels at super slashed prices.

E-commerce is moving towards a bright future. The people will opt for more affordable online products instead of high-priced physical market products, given the fall in spending capacity as part of the lockdown aftermath. It is evident that stores have to bear the burden of fixed costs of rent, salaries, etc. that prevents them from offering better discounts than the online stores.

On a similar footing, Wanderlooms is a perfect online travel-inspired store. Our brick and mortar are nothing but travel. That's why we are offering bewitching discounts, rationally priced products right at your doorstep.

While it is almost impossible to satiate your travel pangs in the current situation, we can atleast serve you with the next thing closest to your wanderlust soul. Browse through our travel range of T-shirts, Sippers, mugs, notebooks, hoodies, and stickers to channel out your adventurer energy and emotions.

In such arduous times, it is exhilarating to see how all of the human race has come together to face the challenge against coronavirus. We at wanderlooms support the lockdown and request all to stay home and stay safe.

But that is absolutely not a reason to deprive yourself of some therapy shopping. We ensure to be light on your pockets and residing in your hearts with our quality products. Your love for travel begins here at www.wanderlooms.com. ***

 Author : Shruti Shah

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/contentknest/

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