Clothing must haves for your next Road Trip.

Clothing must haves for your next Road Trip.

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So the mountains called and you listened. So while you’re packing for your road trip to the mountains, why not think a little out of the box. Along with feeling great on your road trip, why not look amazing as well on the trip. In case you’re wondering how to reinvent your style overnight, fret not. We at Meanders Cothin’ are here to help you. We will guide you in putting together some amazing pieces of clothing and accessories that will leave your friends asking, “Hey, from where did you get that?”

T-shirts: Let’s start with the basics. Sure, you have a ton of T-shirts but when you’re traveling to the mountains why not ditch your old, regular T-shirts and dress according to the mood and event by getting your hands on the amazing collection of travel-inspired T-shirts from Meanders Clothin’.  Take the limitless T-shirt for example. It gives off such a fun-filled holiday vibe. And if you’re planning on taking a full-on adventure-packed road trip filled with intense riding on rough terrains, then there can’t be a better T-shirt to express the mood than the “Down the hill” T-shirt. So own these T-shirts as soon as possible and be the star of the crew.

Hoodies: Mountains, hoodies, bonfire and a mug of hot chocolate- name a better combination, I will wait. In case you’re looking for some amazing hoodies for your upcoming road trip, look no further. We at Meanders Clothin’ have an amazing collection of hoodies for you. From funky designs to comfortable fabrics and snug fit- hoodies from Meanders Clothin’ are no less than a tight hug on a chilly winter morning. Wear these hoodies as a sign of protest against anyone and everyone who says style and comfort don’t go together.

Sippers: Clothes alone don’t make the complete cut, you have got to accessorize it right and what better way to do that with something that doesn't only look good but is eco-friendly as well. The sippers from Meanders Clothin’fit both of these criteria perfectly. Its funky color and whacky designs make it stand apart and of course, it is reusable as well which means you do not have to buy bottles of water at every stop and thereby not contribute to the increasing plastic waste in the world. Saving the environment while resonating goodness, now that is how it is done.

Stickers: Bring out the child in you by embracing these super cool and super cute stickers from Meanders Clothin’. They will go great with your Motorcycle, Helmet, Car, Laptop, Notebook, and Mobile Phone. And guess what? They are scratch- proof, water- Proof and Matt Laminated. So whether you want to ask your friend to “ Chill out” or start the party up by being the “Trippy Simba”, there is a sticker for every mood. So go and get your hands on them already.

Notebook-Notebooks are not boring anymore with the amazing collection of notebooks from Meanders Clothin’. These travel-inspired notebooks will not only go perfect with your mood but will also come handy for jotting down your itinerary or keeping a track of your expenses. Trust Meanders Clothin’ to turn something as basic as a notebook into something so interesting.

So there you go, your checklist to ensure that not only do you have an amazing experience by riding through the mountains, but look great while doing that too.

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