How to travel safe at the time of Corona Virus

How to travel safe at the time of Corona Virus

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The news about the Novel Corona virus (COVID- 19) started doing rounds only after
late January. Within a fortnight into February, the whole world got alarmed about the
spread of this pandemic. This virus is deadly, spreading, and calls for stringent actions
for the sole reason that there is no specific cure for it to date. Medical scientists and
biological researchers all over the world are putting there best to devise a vaccine as an
antidote and for post-infection treatment.

The Governments of countries from all over the world are working in line with WHO
guidelines to fight it. WHO has suggested everyone to adopt a self-quarantine method
to save themselves from getting infected and further passing it on to others. Countries
like China, Italy, Iran, Greece, and the USA are under complete lockdown after being
detected with the highest number of infected people (stage - 4).

While other countries like India still at stage 2 have not gone under complete lockdown
yet. However, after a ban on all international traffic, it is advised to avoid any
unnecessary travelling within the country. Considering the facts about India's population,
the number of everyday commuters, daily wage labours, small scale vendors, a complete
lockdown will be almost impossible.
Indian Government has issued various travel-related advisories for the citizens of India
to contain the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, unlike the deeply affected countries.
Primary advice is to avoid any travel local or intrastate if at all possible.

Here is a list of various measures and precautions you can take while travelling during
these times:-
1. Wear a mask at all times during the travel to avoid infection from entering your
respiratory system due to respiratory droplets produced when an infected person
coughs or sneezes. Otherwise, The WHO advises that a healthy person does not
need to wear a mask.
2. Sanitize your hands frequently, before and after touching anything at public
places, in the mode of transportation, coming in the skin to skin contact with any
other person. Also, the sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol should be rubbed for 20
seconds and cover all parts of your hands.
3. Wash your hands every few hours for at least 20 seconds, especially after you
have been to a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
4. Use of disinfectant on seats, handrest, pivoted grab handles, handrails, or any
other surface that comes in contact during travel.
5. To the maximum extent possible, refrain from touching publicly exposed surfaces
like elevator buttons, door handles, handrails. Make use of tissues or your sleeve
to touch such surfaces, if you must. Throw the used tissues immediately in

6. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands as the virus
can enter your respiratory system through these.
7. Use sealed water bottles and avoid sharing them with anyone. Always choose
freshly cooked hot meals to avoid contamination lead infection.
8. Although there is no vaccine available for the coronavirus at present, getting a
dose for flu and infections before travelling is a good measure. The COVID - 19 is
likely to affect people with existing respiratory infections and viruses.
9. The officials have advised keeping a distance of 1 meter from any person as a
precaution. While it is impractical while travelling, you can try to choose a mode of
transport that is less likely to be crowded.

It is now that we have to hold our forts in such rattling times. Awareness, social
distancing, and self-quarantine are the best measures to save our country from entering
stage 4 of this fatal virus. What other countries like the USA and Italy are going through,
we can learn from their mistakes and prevent that from happening in India. Be
responsible and avoid travelling unless urgent. Stay indoors with family, opt work from
home wherever possible, wash and sanitize your hands frequently. Let's do this
together, for our family, country, and the world!

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